A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Distant Memories is a first person horror based game that throws you into a world of lost and broken memories of the antagonists past. You play the game as a loving father in your own home walking through your house doing every day things. When events transpire realty starts too warp, fear starts to take over your mind. You are forced to find clues, solve puzzles and deal with an unknown enemy all to discover the where about of your missing family. In Distant Memories you never forget you always remember.

Distant Memories is still in Development and will be constantly updated with new builds and features. The game is at the Pre- Alpha faze and still has many new features to be added and explored. Feel free to play and test the game and comment for ideas and glitches that you may find while playing the game. This is currently a solo project so this game will take some time to develop but once the game is done i believe it will be a fun and adventurist game that will scare the pants off you if given the chance. To follow the games progress and updates, follow my Twitter https://twitter.com/AshProenza

Install instructions

Unzip onto your hard drive and run DistantMemories.exe.


Distant Memories.zip 97 MB


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Pretty neat.

Am unable to open this on mac. All I see is a .exe file and a heckload of resources.